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Bloodied Ice- Chapter 2 :iconthe-rogue-shadow:The-rogue-shadow 7 1
Confetti Howitzer
“Alucard no,” came the flat voice from the other side of the large mahogany desk. The owner of the voice was hidden in shadows; face barely illuminated by her cigarette lighter as they lit up their slender cigars. Integra Fairbrook Winsgates Hellising; head of the Royal order of Protestant Knights, the Hellsing organisation and perhaps most importantly… Entirely done with this shit.
“Is it beyond the powers of the Hellsing organisation?” asked the red-clad figure in front of her, orange sunglasses hiding his red eyes and drawing attention away from the large fangs in his mouth. As the most powerful vampire in existence, Alucard had the ability to satisfy almost every desire his mind could possibly generate. This most recent request however, was apparently far beyond his all most godlike powers.
“No… It’s just fucking stupid,” Integra replied, moving into the light. Her long blonde hair, framing her face like an emotionless painting,
:iconthe-rogue-shadow:The-rogue-shadow 7 3
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Equine Vampiris- Chapter 7
Twilight could feel the gentle warmth of the raging green inferno spiralling over her body, licking it clean of Neuron’s powdered silver. If Spike was right, and Twilight silently prayed to Celestia and Luna that he was, then the silver would be appearing in front of Rarity within minutes. As the pain and burning started to subside, Twilight opened her eyes to find Spike red in the face from the exertion of exhaling such a large quantity of magical fire. Her vision was still hazy and her eyes continued to water as she gave her friend a quick pat on the back.
“Uh… Twi, your eyes are still bleeding,”  Spike told her and when Twilight lifted a hoof to investigate, she found the area slick with fluid.
“I must still have some in my eyes, can you help me over to the river so I can wash it off?” she asked, but as she took a step, her knees buckled beneath her weight, causing her to stumble. With much difficulty, Spike managed to catch Twilight before
:iconthe-rogue-shadow:The-rogue-shadow 4 1
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Firstly, let me just say that this is an amazing series of comics, and I feel privileged that I've got to watch you improve as an artis...

HELLO Everyone!!!
I'm doing an AMA/TMI type thing on my Tumblr, where both me and my girlfriend are answering any question that comes our way. Come join us:


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Darren Cole
Artist | Student | Literature
Hi there, my name is Darren and I am a twenty-something professional writer from Australia.
I mainly write fanfiction for various fandoms, but I have been published multiple times in literary journals at my University.
Fandoms I write for, both past and present are; MLP, Dangan Ronpa, Hellsing, RWBY
Thanks for coming to my page, I hope you enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to let me know what you think of my works.

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Hi there. Just want to say i love your Luna Diaries series. It gave me the idea to do a similar story concept with Sunset Shimmer based on the after event's of Rainbow Rocks.

Keep up the amazing work.
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Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but thank you so so much! I'm glad you've been enjoying The Luna Diaries. Apologies it hasn't updated in a long time.

but I'm excited to read your Sunset Shimmer version. Have a follow XD 
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Thanks, and don't worry i've been having a hard time keep up on here myself due to life being problematic, and recent DA issues involving constantly getting "unknown errors" when trying to upload anything.
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Thanks for the fave, Darren :D
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